Kristen Stewart, the Twilight fame actressis making headlines. Whatsoever she is doing seems to be buzz worthy like her ex-beau Robert Pattinson, and fans are merely going gaga everytime. In line with this, here are two hot things about the 26-year-old star.

Kristen Stewart's hot and titillating body piercing

Kristen Stewart was reported to have a hot and titillating body piercing just like the Jenner sisters Kendall and Kylie, models Bella Hadid and Amber Rose, singers Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Pink, Lady Gaga, and Janet Jackson, as well as other stars like Nicole Richie, Rachel Bilson, Blac Chyna, Christina Milian, and Rooney Mara.

In February 2010, the Equals star attended the Burberry Prorsum, a British luxury fashion house, in London. There, the actress' top revealed the elevated surface of a barbell piercing through her left nipple.

It can be recalled that the star said that she would not define her sexuality. Also, she added that she would not be bothered by those people who are not able to wrap their heads around her sexual orientation or anything on that matter.

Kristen Stewart's hot scenes with co-star Nicholas Hoult in Equals

Meanwhile, the Snow White and the Huntsmanfamehad a busy schedule as her fantasy and sci-fi film Equals will be released to hit the theaters starting July 15.

In the official trailer of the movie, viewers could see the hot scenes and the surprising hot on-screen chemistry between her and her co-star Nicholas Hoult -- Jennifer Lawrence's ex-boyfriend.

Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult's passion in the movie

Set in a dystopian society where human emotions and illnesses had been said to have been eradicated, the two lead stars, illustrator Silas (Nicholas Hoult) and his co-worker Nia (Kristen Stewart), got infected with a mysterious disease, which regained their ability to feel love and compassion.

In Equals, the duo started to feel a growing attraction for each other and began a secret forbidden relationship that evolved into a passionate romance.

Kristen Stewart andNicholas Hoult used touch therapy

Reportedly, the two protagonists had to put themselves into their respective characters. They understood both the process and was needed to bring the characters to life, as Director Drake Doremus noted.

Therefore, the key to the film was emotion. And basically, to get it right, the two stars found a way to portray them with ease by touching each other. The director added that he had hours of footage of the two merely touching each other. He said that he kept Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart far away from each other until the shooting to that point, to truly make it feel that it was their first-time experience.

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