Kim Kardashian is producing anew reality show,which will elect the best beauty blogger. The winner is going to be the director of her beauty apps. One of the most important requirements for the candidates is to be famous on theInternet, they have to make videos that overcome trials and their work is to produce content for the apps. The tv show may be starting from October, it will be seen on the screens ofE!,and last four weeks. The socialite wants to get to the teenage audience, and this new reality show is perfect for them.


To participate in the contest girls have to be more than 21 years old, although the tv show is for the teenage public. They have to be famous on the Internet, specifically on social networks. They need lots of followers on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. Their makeup videos have to be very popular and produce a lot of interaction among their followers. Their future jobis to create tutorials and exclusive content for Kim, Khloe and Kourtney to be shared with milllions on their lifestyle and beauty apps.

A good idea.

The tv producers (including Kim Kardashian) believe that this new reality show is going to be very successful; first of all, because the idea comes from the Kardashians, the most famous family in the world. The makeup tutorials are so popular among the new generations of young ladies who love to share their concept of beauty online and receive thousands of comments for that.No matter if the opinions are positive or negative, the important thing is to be popular, without measuring consequences.

A new beauty blogger could be worldwide famous thanks to this tv show, which is not the first time someone popular on Internet became famous in 'real life'. So social networks can take you toreal fame,with the help of television and the correct people. The only thing questionable is whether they are prepared for the extreme popularity that will change their lives forever. Within a few years, we will see the effect in the lives of these new 'celebrities'.

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