Kim Kardashian recently jumped to her husband’s defence and tried to end the feud once and for all by proving that Taylor Swift was lying about not knowing the lyrics of Kanye West’s new single. The famous reality TV star shared a video which shows Kanye on the phone to Taylor Swift and the two talking about the lyrics for his new song.

Kim Kardashian shuts up Taylor Swift by releasing phonecall footage

It has now emerged that Kim Kardashian could face legal action as even if she wasn’t the one that made the recording, she is the one responsible for sharing the private conversation on her social media account.

The on-going feud between Kanye West and Taylor Swift has got way out of hand and there are now so many people expressing their opinions on who they believe, what they think of the situation and of who they think is in the wrong.

In a recent episode of KUWTK Kim is seen saying to Kourtney Kardashian that she released the evidence because she was tired of her husband being accused of something he hadn’t done, she says she doesn’t think he should still be paying for it, and she offers advice to Taylor on not talking crap about people.

Kim Kardashian accused of breaking communication confidentiality

Taylor apparently told Kanye back in February that he should be careful because it is against the law to secretly record a telephone call without them knowing, it is known as ‘confidential communication’ and going against it is considered a crime.

Taylor has done all she can to defend herself in this ongoing argument with Kanye, she first claimed that she was not warned about his lyrics, she now claims that she was warned but that she wasn’t told that he would refer to her as ‘that bitch’.

A new claim that Swift has made is that she was not aware that her phone conversation with Kanye was not private. However, if you listen to the video carefully it is pretty obvious that Kanye’s end is on speaker and you can even hear producer Rick Rubin speaking a couple of times. It also seems that the filming crew were present and were filming Kanye so there is no way that Taylor could have thought it was confidential.

Either way, it is unlikely that Taylor has a leg to stand on and will not be able to persecute them for the things she is claiming.

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