Kim Kardashian surprised the world once again: she is the coverof Forbes magazine, the business bible. We know her as a model, socialite and reality star but she is in Forbes due to her success as a mobile mogul. Kim made $45 million with her game 'Kim Kardashian: Hollywood'. The celebrity started a new business, make money with her private life. She is inspiring young ladies to do the same.

Kim can't believe it

The first person to be surprised by this magazine cover is Kim Kardashian. The press questioned her for her nudes, her beauty and her private life. It's the first time a magazine highlighted the business side of the celebrity.

Kim feels grateful and proud for it, and she wished her father was alive to see it. This honor was unexpectedfor her. She didn't believe that would happen even in dreams.

For her haters

Kim celebrated this cover in her Instagram account, and she added the hashtag 'NotBadForAGirlWithNoTalent', which was for her haters, who they criticized her for having no special skills. They refer that she is not an actress, a singer or a dancer. They say she is famous because she is famous. What they don't understand that she makes money with her popularity.

Kim has used social networks like anyone to be more famous, rich and influential. She made a business with that, and that´s why Forbes chose her as its cover.

Kim's success proves that anyone who has followers in social networks can make money if they have the right advice. Kim is the queen of the social media so she is a great example to follow, in fact many teenagers do it.

The company that is behind the success of Kim is Glu Mobile, from China, whose 30 percent of revenue comes from celebrity games.

Its great merit is to bring the lives of Celebrities to ordinary people, creating the idea that anyone can be famous because talent is not important. Kim is so happy with her game, so it's the definitive course to take for her career.

Kim won: she didn't need talent to be famous but she takes risksall the time.

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