Kelly Ripa was the most recent victim to join Jiminy Glick on Maya & Marty. The awkward interview sees Kelly trying to handle Jiminy’s strange questions and inappropriate comments. At one point Jiminy even tells Kelly “You are such a petite beautiful thing.. you are absolutely scrumptious. Oh I’d love to mount you...and I don’t think that’s rude, it’s a compliment.”

Jiminy Glick is the character played by Martin Short as part of a TV series and he is a fictional character. The talk show Maya & Marty is hosted by NBC , it premiered on the 31st May 2016. The show’s producer is Lorne Michaels and it features lots of different celebrity guests, performances and different comedic sketches.

Kelly Ripa is asked if her husband will be deported

Kelly managed to respond quite well to Jiminy’s interrogation, though nothing stops how awkward the interview was. Jiminy asks Kelly about her Mexican-American husband Mark Consuelos and even brings up Trump and jokes about whether or not her husband will be deported. Jiminy asks Kelly if she would continue her ‘Live! With Kelly’ talk show if her husband was deported, to which she replied she would host the show in Mexico.

The character goes on to joke “Is it true you think bathrooms should be separated by income not gender? I mean who wants to urinate beside a poor person?”.

Kelly Ripa climbs on top of Jiminy Glick as they kiss

At the end of the interview Jiminy leans in to Kelly to say thank you he says “I want to say thank you for being you, and the kind of love you exude on the screen...

”...he says as he leans in closer to Ripa and looks her directly in the eye, after which Kelly leans across and throws herself onto Jiminy, making the two fall back in his host chair. The two stars briefly make out while Kelly is on top of him, he then flings his leg around and entertains the audience saying “oh god she’s good”, before Kelly starts laughing and slowly gets back to her feet.

The main hosts of the show are Maya Rudolph, Martin Short and Kenan Thompson. Some of the many Celebrities who have appeared on the show so far include:

Jimmy Fallon

Miley Cyrus


Tom Hanks

Eva Longoria

Nick Jonas

Ben Stiller

Ricky Gervais

Kevin Hart

Steve Martin

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