Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are usually in the news for engaging in a secret romance, but a new report claims the two have "split." Is this rumor true or just another lie like so many others before it?

A magazine claims in this week's issue that Holmes & Foxx have gone their "separate ways"

Life & Style's latest issue has the cover story, “Katie & Jamie: After Three Years It’s Over.” The publication claims that Katie and Jamie were "talking marriage,” but will now “go their separate ways.” The mysterious insider tells the magazine that they “quietly and suddenly ended their relationship recently.”

As the story goes, Katie thought she'd be his wife at one point and the two thought about getting married.

The magazine's source continues that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx "got wrapped up in their careers and she realized he really wasn’t a settle-down kind of guy. In the end, the split was mutual.”

Katie was crushed over the "break up" at first, but realized it would not work

The source goes on to reveal that Tom Cruise's ex-wife did not think Foxx "could really commit" because they were unable to make time for each other. In the beginning she was hurt, but realized they could not be together and knew it was the best thing to do, according to the source.

Rumor cleared up

If fans find this story hard to believe -- as well as all the others before it -- it is because there is good reason. Gossip Cop corrects the story by confirming that the Life & Style article is false.

A sea of reports have made more out of their friendship than meets the eye. Nearly every single report about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been verified as untrue. Everything from the two friends being engaged to having a baby has come up.

A few weeks ago there was even a story that Jamie was cheating on Katie with another woman in Florida when he was at a charity event. The movie stars never address the rumors. Occasionally a rep will reach out to Gossip Cop and debunk stories that are too ridiculous to ignore.

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