Kat Von D must have been angry around 1 a.m. on Tuesday. The famous tattoo artist took to several platforms on social media to dissociate herself and renounce her former friendship with Jeffree Star.It's unclear what may have transpired recently to cause such a strong reaction in Kat but she made it clear that she didn't want fans to think she was friends with Jeffree anymore. In a scathing message on Facebook she wrote:

So far, Kat Von D hasn't given fans a video yet to explain why she so angrily walked away from Jeffree Star.

However, it didn't take long for Star to respond via Twitter and claim he didn't really know what was going on either.

Kat Von D announces the end of a friendship

After Kat posted her late night rant to Facebook and Instagram, Jeffree took to Twitter to defend himself, sort of. According to the makeup artist, he and Kat hadn't even spoken in around six months and hadn't seen each other in over a year.It was only a few days prior to Kat's social media outburst that Jeffree says the two began talking again.

He claimed that Kat Von D started acting funny when he launched his makeup business. Maybe because she already had her own and knew that Jeffree Star would be a big competitor.

In any case, Jeffree claims that Kat accused him of something that wasn't even true. Rather than work things out like adults, Star admitted that he cursed Kat out and then blocked her number. Maybe she would have worked things out behind the scenes if she had been able to call and had not been blocked.

Is Kat petty for taking drama to social media?

Now their business is out there and Kat is claiming that Jeffree is a pretty horrible person. Fans are still waiting to hear the whole story that led to a big post and a picture of Jeffree Star with a big circle with a line through it. In the meantime, Kat made it clear that she believes Jeffree's behavior is unacceptable and specifically pointed out drug use, bullying, and racism as a few things that the makeup artist allegedly indulges in that she doesn't want anything to do with.

Reactions to the Kat Von D and Jeffree Star feud have been pretty mixed. A few other makeup artists have joined in and cosigned on Kat's accusations while others have been arguing in the comments section about what a great person Jeffree really is.

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