Biopic ventures are quite rare in Kannada movie industry, and to fill this slot comes Santheyalli Ninth Kabira, a flick which stars Shivarajkumar in the primary role.

This big budget movie hit the theaters on July 29, 2016, and if initial reports can be believed, it has satisfied both serious critics and audiences.

The movie is a tribute to the legendary poet, Kabir, who lived in the fifteenth century.

Sandalwood superstar Shivuhas done full justice to his character and it was a real pleasure to see him on screen.

His grace was unquestionable, and he once again proved that he is a man of impeccable mettle and incredible onscreen presence.

Inder Babu has directed this venture. As a director, he has proclaimed that there are lots of talentin him, but being a writer, he did just an average job.

Some of the scenes were too dramatic in nature, and we should wait and witness how these sequences will be received by Shivarajkumar's fans and well-wishers.

Watch the trailer video:

This picture is rich in its technicalities.

The cinematography was excellent, and it played a crucial role in changing the visuals in such a way that it will match the era which is 500 years back

Young Malayalam beauty Sanusha has done the part of the heroine. She was literally awesome, and her charisma will capture the hearts of a million viewers for sure.

The appearance of Sarat Kumar in the star cast will surely add its viability if the makers have plans to dub it in Tamil.

In all probabilities, this cinema will be a treat and will emerge as a blockbuster in theaters. It is undoubtedly a rare blend of class and mass, and will become a career-best of the Sandalwood hero.

This film will certainly collect more than 3 crores by the end of the first day, and it may cross 6 crore by this weekend.

The flick was released amid the protests in Karnataka on the Mahadayi river dispute. But things have calmed down after a series of bandhs. Hopefully, the movie will be screened peacefully.

Watch it and enjoy the surprise from Shivarajakumar.

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