The Rajinikanth fever has gripped all nooks of the globe, as the Asian superstar's latest outing Kabali graced the big screens on July 22, 2016.

In most of the centers in India, the shows started early morningand opened to packed houses. The earth-shattering response is also reflecting in the box-office collections as well, and according to latest updates, it has reportedly collected more than Rs 45 crore at the end of the first day.

In the US, it released in more than 460 screens with great fanfare.

It should be noted that Salman Khan's Sultan had earned Rs 37 Croreon day one. If it goes like this, Kabaali will emerge as an all-time blockbuster, and will break all box-office records.

The reviews that are coming out of the theaters are mixed in nature and this is the only point of concern for the distributors. Anyway, if the movie keeps performing this way, it will gross more than 300 crores within thecoming week.

In this flick, we can see the Superstar in the role of an underworld don who returns to Malaysia after 25 years of imprisonment.

In this comeback, he aims to thrash all the evil forces who are responsible for his wife's death.

The film is all about Rajanikant's charisma, and realistic narration from the director. Both of them have done a good job, and special mention should be given to the excellent music by Santosh Narayan.

The audiences are celebrating the success just like a National festival.

Many multinational companies in Bangalore declared holiday yesterday, in order to avoid mass bunks and sick leaves.

Watch Kabali review:

This craze differentiates Rajini from other stars in the Indian film industry; other heroes release the movie on holidays, but when Rajinikanth releases his films, the normal days turn holidays!

Kalapuli Than, the producer will be a happy man now, as his publicity efforts have turned fruitful.

He has even tied up with Air Asia, and has pastedthe posters in flights.

No other filmmakers in India have tried marketing techniques like this, and finally, all these tactics have become a success.

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