Justin Timberlake was slapped in the face by a fan while at the American Century Celebrity Pro-Am golf tournament on Saturday. A video obtained by TMZ reveals Timberlake walking through a crowd of spectators when a hand shoots out of the crowd connecting with the former N'Sync boy bander's face.

Justin Timberlake attacked

Justin reacted with shock and anger after being struck, a totally normal reaction from anyone after being attacked. JT screamed out at the fan in rage asking "Why would you do that?" Justin walked off just as security officials for the golf tourney were spotted hauling Timberlake's attacker off the course.

The people in charge of the tournament considered the slap a minor incident, considering there were no marks on Justin, and he was not interested in pressing charges.

Fan arrested for assaulting celebrity golfer

However, the slaphappy fan did not react too kindly to being removed from the event and things continued to escalate when he began resisting the officers who were escorting him out. Police officials have revealed that the fan claims he had just wanted to "touch" Timberlake but became a little overly excited by being so close to his idol.

He also appeared to be a bit drunk and became belligerent as time went on.

He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and hopefully learned a big lesson from this crazy incident, fans, alcohol and celebrities do not mix. Keep out of their personal space, and keep your hands to yourself. It is also a good thing for this fan that the incident went down, where and when it did. This type of behavior would have been handled a lot differently by Justin if he had been somewhere else, and out with his wife Jessica Biel and the couple's young son Silas Timberlake.

Timberlake, Ribeiro, and Steph Curry dance the "Carlton."

The rest of the tourney spectators enjoyed the day and even got the treat of seeing Justin and pals Alfonso Ribeirio, best known to the world as Carlton from the "Fresh Prince of Bel- Air" Warriors NBA star Steph Curry in doing the famous Carlton dance, which has now become a golf tournament tradition.

What fun, it was great to see Justin Timberlake was able to shake off the slap incident and enjoy his day in his normal good natured fashion.

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