Former reality star Jon Gosselin has not been on TV since his divorce from Kate Gosselin about 7 years ago. However, he seems to pop up in the news once in a while. What is he doing these days? It looks like he has found himself a brand new job. He is now working as a cook at T.G.I Friday’s in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and he loves it. He has been working at this job for a couple of months now and even though he gets paid, he says that it is more about finally doing something that he enjoys, as well as helping one of his buddies out.

Does he need the money that badly?

The 39-year-old dad is apparently working at T.G.I. Friday’sbecause he loves to be in the kitchen and as a favor to Scott Trompeter, who is the general manager at the restaurant. Gosselin could very well use the money, but he supposedly has chosen to donate his earnings to some sort of children’s charity, as he told E! News.

He said that he simply just loves to cook and that they also needed the help in the kitchen. Jon Gosselin has held down several jobs since he left his TLC reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, but he seems to have finally found his mojo these days as a DJ.

He loves to spin records and seems to have a blast doing it. Now with his second job as a cook, life seems to have settled down for him.

His life as a dad of eight kids.

Of course, Jon Gosselin is famous for being the father of eight children, which is the reason that he and his now ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, nabbed their reality series.

However, their relationship took a turn for the worse and they ended up divorcing in 2009 and he left the show. The couple’s high-profile divorce was front and center for a while until things finally died down. His ex later got her own reality show called Kate Plus 8, which depicted her life as a single mom raising her many children.

These days he is still trying to fight for custody of his kids in court, but he says that it is so expensive to keep at it.

The custody agreement as it stands right now is that he only gets to have four of his children at a time and it sounds like Kate is the one who gets to decide which kids gets to visit with their dad. Back in June, he mentioned that he has not seen his son Collin in over a year.

Life goes on for Jon Gosselin.

Despite the fact that he doesn’t get to see his eight kids as much as he wants to, the former TLC star says that he tries to just enjoy the time that he gets to spend with them. This new job as a cook seems to be a good thing for him as he mentioned what it means to him. "For the first time in a long time, it was a job that I had that wasn't about what was good for Jon.

I was helping someone else and it felt good,” he said. He is planning on continuing with that job as much as he can.

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