Poor Jon Bon Jovi, all the man wanted to do was enjoy his time at a wedding he was an invited guest to without being hassled. No such luck for Jon who was recently in attendance at a wedding with his wife in Miami.

Bon Jovi pressured into singing with wedding band

Sure, who wouldn't want Jon to sing at their wedding? But, in all fairness he was a guest and not a hired performer. The wedding band that was hired to sing found out ahead of time that Jon would be at the wedding and added Bon Jovi's hit song "Livin On A Prayer to the playlist.

Jon was approached by the band singer before the reception where he politely, but clealy stated that he did not want to sing. Well a bigger person would have accepted Jon's answer and not pushed the matter any further.

Not this woman, as soon as the song began playing she came at Jon singing his song, in his face continuously pushing him to sing with her in front of everyone at the reception. After playfully shooing her off without luck, Jon then took the mic from the singer and began singing along, but you could see it in his eyes he was clearly not happy about it.

The camera also moved to Jon's wife, and the look on her face revealed she was not too interested in hearing her husband sing. Maybe she was just annoyed for Jon, or it could be that she has heard him sing a million times so it is really no big deal for her.

It was so not cool for the singer to pressure Jon into singing with her. We're sure if Jon had wanted to sing the bride and groom would have had no problem with it.


But Jon Bon Jovi being a perfectionist likes to wam up a bit and go about his craft on his terms. As a huge Bon Jovifan I would have loved to see that at a wedding, but only if Jon was in agreement.

It must be really hard being a celebrity with fans bugging you 24/7 for autographs and pictures. It is part of it to an extent. Given the opportunity I would likley do the same thing, however, I would also know when to back off and give the celebrity their privacy.

After all they are people too, people who also want to enjoy their lives away from work. They are entitled to that no matter how big a star they are, wouldn't you agree?

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