Johnny Manziel was recently suspended from Browns and was deprived of his 2 million dollar bonus that he was due to receive over the next two years. However, it doesn’t seem to be getting the Cleveland player down as he continues to go out partying...or rather playing the Pokemon game whilst in a night club.

The young sports star had his contract ended by Browns and they cut it off just in time for him to miss out on his $2.3 million dollar bonus that he was due to receive. Manziel was let go because of his abuse of drugs and alcohol, he was caught playing four games whilst under the influence, so management had to let him go.

Johnny Manziel has now gone sober

Since having his contract terminated just half way through, Manziel has been trying to stay on the straight and narrow and is meant to be trying to avoid alcohol and substances. Now it seems that his way of avoiding temptations like the ones that ended his sports career is to spend his time in nightclubs playing Pokemon Go.

Johnny Manziel is snapped catching Pokemons in LA club

A snap of the player was put up on Snapchat by one of his friends, fair enough if that is what is going to keep him to his strict new life of sobriety.

The Snapchat photo shows Manziel holding up his phone, wearing what looks like a hoodie, and the friend captioned it “Mans is really playing Pokemon Go. Catchin Pigeotto in the club.” Next week will see Manziel enter his third week of sobriety, if he carries on playing on Pokemon Go then he might just make it.

Johnny Manziel looks perfectly sober as he leaves the famous club

When Manziel was photographed leaving the LA club he seemed to look sober, his eyes were not red and blood-shot and he was walking in a perfectly straight line.

He left the club early Saturday morning and was seen later that day out on a sports spree, clearly not sporting a hangover or in bed recovering from a heavy night.

Manziel was approached by the Cleveland Browns in 2014 and was only half way through his $8.2 million contract when he was let go.

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