Johnny Manziel has been suspended as a result of his substance abuse and the timing of his cut could not have come at a worse time as he just about loses out on getting his bonus money. The quarterback player was caught having played four games whilst defying the substance-abuse policy. Manziel was already due to receive a bonus as part of his contract and it was unsure whether his suspension would affect it or not.

Johnny Manziel not tryingt to fight back for his bonus

Three different sources have now confirmed that Browns cut off Manziel before he would receive his bonus, and voided his remaining guaranteed money.

Manziel has apparently not started a fight to keep Browns from voiding his guarantee and so he will indeed miss out on the $2.173 million that he would earn over the next two years.

It is thought that Cleveland were able to get out of paying Manziel the bonus thanks to the fact that he went to Vegas towards the end of last year when he was in fact meant to be at the team facility.

Johnny Manziel’s jerseys selling for just $1.99

This is not the only way that Johnny Manziel is losing money, even his jerseys are dropping in price, they use to go for $99 but in some places they are now going for as little as $1.99, which is just shocking.

The former Cleveland Browns player even posted a photo on Instagram of the low price of his jerseys. He posted the photo with the caption “LOL” and accompanied the caption with a skull emoji. At least Manziel is able to laugh at it all and shake it off. There was a stage when his jerseys were the best selling jerseys of the season, back in 2014 they mounted to 10% of sales.

Manziel was only halfway through his $8.2 million contract when he was cut after his party ways and involvement with substances started to become a big problem as he played under influence.

Manziel has since vowed to stay sober and hopes to make a comeback. He has already been to rehab twice and it will be hard for him to leave his celeb party style behind.

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