Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband Derick Dillard have been living away from family and doing mission work. They have been there a while now and fans love getting updates on them. Jill recently shared an update on their family blog that explains that her husband Derick could be dead now had he not changed his day up just a little bit.

What happened to Derick Dillard?

Derick was out and about in Central America during their rainy season. She shared that it has been raining a lot in the area. Of course, when you get rain you also get lightening.

Jill shared that it had been raining and her husband Derick was headed home after taking a few people home from church. Derick did stop and talk to a friend and then is when he could have lost his life.

Next, a bolt of lightening hit a tree by Jill and Derick's house. It was so close that it knocked the person Derick was talking to off of his feet. Jill really does feel like Derick is lucky because if he hadn't been talking to his friend he could have instead been walking through water and ended up electrocuted.

What else has been going on with Derick and Jill's health?

A lot of people have shared that they are concerned about Derick Dillard and his health because his looks have changed. Jill didn't really talk about why he looks different, but she did share that they have both come down with a few different viruses. She shared that they haven't had Zika at all, though. It looks like they are doing great, but just getting sick now and then.

It has also been shared recently on the Duggar Facebook page that Jill and Derick will be heading home really soon. Everyone is so excited to have them back here again. That should mean that they will be on the show more and also sharing more updates with the fans about what is going on with them.

Are you shocked to hear that Derick Dillard could have lost his life? Do you feel like Derick was lucky?

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