Jenelle Evans is one of the more controversial Teen Mom stars as she's been arrested countless times and she makes no excuses for her behavior. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she hasn't even spoken to her sister in a long time. Her sister never really made an appearance on Teen Mom and she's only been mentioned a few times on her episode of 16 & Pregnant. When fans asked Jenelle about her sister, she had an interesting answer on social media.

“I don't speak of or to her. I tried being nice to her and this is what she does. She rolls with majority,” Jenelle Evans replied to a Twitter fan who asked her about her relationship with her sister, adding later in a separate tweet, “Reason why my sister doesn't even have my phone number or address. She's always been jealous of me.”

Did fame rip these two apart?

Jenelle Evans likes to remind people that she's famous from being on Teen Mom. Even though Evans has an education, she doesn't really like to work.

She's barely kept a job during the many years she's filmed Teen Mom and rumor has it that she's filming the brand new season right now.

Several of the girls filming Teen Mom have worked on their education and they are planning on starting careers on their own. Chelsea Houska has been doing skincare, hair and makeup for a while, and Kailyn Lowry is planning on graduating with a degree in media. Leah Messer has tried various things to create an income outside of the Teen Mom world. 

Jenelle's life without her sister

It sounds like Evans is able to live her life without her sister.

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Like so many other people, one can imagine that Jenelle's sister follows her on social media and can see the pictures of her nephews. Many of the other Teen Mom stars share pictures of their children as well, including Leah Messer. Since these children are essentially famous for being born to young mothers, it is possible that Jenelle's sister doesn't agree with the way things have unfolded for her family.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans ignoring her sister?

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