Jenelle Evans didn't have the kind of weekend she expected. Just yesterday reports came out that she is indeed pregnant with her third child. Evans has been dating David Eason for under a year, but they will be welcoming a baby in early 2017. After denying she was pregnant for weeks, Evans was unable to deny it once the evidence was leaked to the public.

Jenelle's pregnancy outted by police report

On July 6, Jenelle Evans was a passenger in David Eason's car when he was involved in a car accident.

The police report indicated that the female passenger was at least 10 weeks pregnant, and the rest is history. Several media outlets reported on the pregnancy, sparking outrage by several viewers of "Teen Mom 2."

This will be the third child for both Jenelle Evans and David Eason. Evans lost custody of her oldest son, Jace to her mother when she was younger. She is currently raising her other son, Kaiser with the help of Eason. Kaiser's father is Nathan Griffith, the man Evans was supposed to marry.

Eason has one daughter and a son, but only is allowed contact with his daughter. The new baby will arrive sometime between mid-January and the beginning of February.

Jenelle Evans gets angry about her pregnancy being trashed

Right now, Jenelle Evans hasn't confirmed the pregnancy. She did make a statement indicating it was true but she has not come out and actually validated it. Evans is angry at the responses people have given when the news of her third pregnancy broke.

Most of them were not very welcoming or encouraging. Evans mentioned how the world was happy for someone else but nagging on her. According to All About the Tea, she is mad because Chelsea Houska announced a pregnancy last week and it seemed people were incredibly happy for her.

In the upcoming days, Jenelle Evans will likely speak out about her latest pregnancy. After denying it for so long she can't pretend she hasn't lied over and over again.

David Eason will likely be protective of his girlfriend, especially now that she is carrying his child. It is unclear whether or not Barbara Evans was made aware of the pregnancy but if she wasn't, Jenelle is going to have some explaining to do.

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