Jaden Smith has turned 18-years-old. The son of celebrity parents Will Smith, 47, and Jada Pinkett Smith, 44, is all grown up now and ready to take the world by storm. In honor of Jaden's birthday, his famous parents shared birthday wishes and photos of their boy through the years on social media sites. Cute idea! Even little sister Willow got in on the birthday honoring action posting a picture of herself and big brother when they were both very young riding a merry-go-round.

Jaden Smith individualist

Celebrity news followers have most likely come across a story or two, maybe more about Jaden Smith, that has caught the eye of the media throughout the years. Over the past few years, Jaden Smith has made it his mission in life to walk to the beat of his own drum, and travel he has. He has been seen over the years dressing a little out of the ordinary for most young men his age. He has been photographed wearing female skirts, dresses, and bizarre costumes.

He even wore a full on white Batman costume a couple of years ago to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding.

What does Jaden Smith's future hold?

When asked about his unusual wardrobe choices Smith claims he just goes with how he is feeling at the moment. When it comes to wearing female clothes, he claims he believes clothing should not be defined by gender. In 2015 Smith was named One of the Most Influential Teens.

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He also stated in an interview just what his future plans hold for him.

At times Jaden has come across as a bit odd. Among wearing the clothes he likes he has also admitted to believing in aliens and stated that being born was the most influential thing that has happened in his life. Jaden also announced his future plans and reveals that by the time he is 30-years-old he plans to disappear from the public eye entirely.

He claims that when this time comes his life will be 100 percent a mystery to all who know him.

Interesting goal wouldn't you say? It is not fully known just why Jaden feels the need to disappear. Could it be that after spending his entire life in the spotlight he has just had enough with being a celebrity, or is this just another of Jaden's quirky ideas?

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