Many technological innovations that were just science fiction decades ago are a part of our lives today. The famous science fiction series 'Star Trek' -- which action takes place centuries away in the future -- has been an inspiration source for some inventions we use today, but they didn't exist when the film was first launched. Here are some of them:

The mobile phone

Mobile phones are a very common device we all use today, but they didn't exist yet when the famous science fiction film was launched.

In the original series from 1966, the crew members were equipped with communication devices which looked like the modern mobile phones when they were leaving for exploration missions. Let's not forget that mobile phones were a futuristic idea at that time, given the fact that real phones in daily life had long leads and they were still trapped on walls or placed on a table in the living room.

The tablet

The tablets today are even stronger than those used in various films from theseries. In the famous science fiction universe the paper was something out-of-date.

The crew members were using PADD (Personal Access Display Device) tablets. On these devices they were reading reports, books, or other information, such as plans for the building in which they were or even a diagnosis made by the doctor of the spaceship. Unlike today's tablets, the ones from the movie didn't seem to be too powerful. In some episodes, the characters carry more tablets for one session -- we can deduce from here that each tablet had only one function.

The Bluetooth device

The Bluetooth was also seen for the first time in one of the films oldest series in which Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, officer in charge of communications, was wearing such a device at her ear. The device was larger than the ones today.

The smart watches

In "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" from 1979, the crew members were equipped with some kind of electronic bracelets, like the smart watches today from Apple, which were part of the standard uniform.

This technology had been presented before in the movie series "Dick Tracy" from 1946.

The video-phone

In recent years the video phones have become something quite normal, a service that many people with an intelligent telephone can benefit from. This technology was seen before in the science fiction films where the captains of the starship could see their enemies from other spacecraft or even from other planets through a video-phone service. Such applications are commonly used today at conferences, in some schools, or simply to keep in touch with relatives and friends who are far away.

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