Another rumored celebrity split up and cheating scandal, this time about Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea, and now ex-fiancée Nick Young. The pair were pouring their hearts out on Twitter, talking about their split.

Young apparently caught on CCTV by Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea, the 26-year-old Australian rapper claimed that her former fiancé, who enjoys calling himself Swaggy P, had been cheating on her.

He was seen on her home CCTV with another woman while Iggy was away from home.Their split also came after a video surfaced earlier this year in March, showing Young confessing to cheating on her in front of his Los Angeles Lakers teammates. It was allegedly recorded by D ’Angelo Russell, one of his teammates.

On June 30th, the hip hop artist ended things with her Basketball pro fiancé. Iggy Azalea revealed to her 6.62 million followers on Twitter that she broke up with Young because of the security footage she found at her home.

Young’s ex-partner reportedly pregnant with his child

It was reported, although unconfirmed, that Young's ex-partner, Keonna Green, is pregnant with their second child. Green is the mother of Young’s four-year-old son, Nick Jr.

Azalea noted that she has not been told by Young that the mother of his son is pregnant again and that if it is true, she only learned about it through E! news. Also, if it was indeed true, it would be another shot to the heart if it occurred while she and Young were engaged.

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She also added that she was not even sure who she was in love with all this time.

Unfortunately, even though she loves Young and put some effort into rebuild her trust in him, it is apparent that she was unable to over the last few weeks and wished her former fiancé the best. She reportedly has given back the 10.43-carat, canary yellow diamond engagement ring, worth $666,000 that he gave to her in June 2015.

Young responds

Meanwhile, Nick Young hit back on social media and tweeted that there may be people who live in a perfect world but he lived in a world where everyone makes mistakes, but you need to learn from it, and move on. Moreover, he said that is the way life is, and it was up to people to hate him or love him, but he was still going to be a love life man.

Life & Style magazine broke the story about Green’s pregnancy when they recently approached Keonna Green who was clearly expectant.

She confirmed that the baby was Nick Young's. Beyond that, she had no more further comment, but Iggy Azalea has made her thoughts clear.

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