Donald Trump wanted the biggest GOP convention yet, with a massive surprise for his young supporters, but Justin Bieber and his crew had different plans, despite the massive offer that was presented by the Republican candidate. According to “TMZ” website, the GOP team offered to Bieber his biggest payday in his young career: $5 million dollars to perform at the Republican National Convention, for just 45 minutes in Cleveland. The report claims that Bieber deliberated a lot about it, but, in the end, the alleged threat to quit from his long-time manager, Scooter Braun, a well-known Hillary Clinton supporter, might have been too crucial for his decline.

Proudly Canadian, Bieber knows that the current American political situation doesn´t have a strong impact on his own life, yet his participation in the GOP convention might have carried negative attention to his public image that has been very strategically protected by his team over the years. Knowing that risk, Bieber, in the very first minute of the negotiations, said that, if he would have accepted the offer, it wouldn´t mean that he publicly supports Trump or the Republican side, because his participation would be 100 percent nonpolitical.

Conditions not accepted and a lie

Despite the guarantees given to Justin Bieber and his crew, that would have completely isolated the singer of any Republican associations, Trump also didn´t accept the condition presented by the popular singer, that consisted of carrying a “Black Lives Matter” banter on stage, as several sources of “TMZ” claimed.

Also, the threat from Braun -- the famous manager that found Justin Bieber on “YouTube” and gave him all the opportunities to succeed and be one of the most loved performers in the world -- might have stopped Justin Bieber from going to the convention.

The same report claims that theGOP´s organization may have lied to Justin Bieber about the presence of LeBron James, in order to pursue the singer to accept the offer right away.

Intrigued by the unexpected presence of the NBA champion, Bieber´s team allegedly talked to a LeBron representative, that quickly assured the absence of the basketball player, who at that time was out of town.

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