Teen Mom 2 star, Chelsea Houska has made news and not for something bad. Chelsea is expecting baby DeBoer sometime in February of 2017. She posted the news in her various social media accounts including her new website that has finally launched.

How and where did she announce?

News broke of the pregnancy July 12 via Instagram and her website (www.chelseahouska.com). She posted photo that mainly captures Aubrey's quirky little smile holding what looks to be a slice of a tree trunk with a picture of an ultrasound showing the little soon to be DeBoer. She posted the picture with the caption of "And then there were four..." (Instagram).

With this simple quote, everyone's reactions began to flood the comments. On her website, she stated that she thought this would be the perfect first post for the launchof her website, said US Weekly online.

What is to come?

Now, we saw in 16 and Pregnant how "excited" Adam Lind was about Aubrey, and then, a changed happened and he left Aubrey and Chelsea for good. He still isn't playing an active role in Aubrey's life, and that's where Cole has entered. Chelsea and Cole have been planning a wedding from the moment he proposed to her in November 2015, which was shown on Teen Mom 2 via pictures. Do you think this could be the family that Chelsea has always asked for and cried about to her father?

Or could this be history repeating itself? Chelsea and Cole seem so in love on their segments during Teen Mom 2. Cole and Aubrey seem like two peas in a pod when they are together. Aubrey already has a sibling from her father's side. What it doesn't show is whether Aubrey was jealous of the new baby sister, Paislee.

Could Aubrey have a different reaction to baby DeBoer? One thing I haven't seen yet is Papa Randy's comments regarding the new baby.

There are so many possibilities of what is to happen or what is to come of this pregnancy, but one thing is for sure in this announcement. As viewers, fans, friends of Chelsea, Cole and Aubrey, we can be supportive and congratulate them.

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