WhenThe Originals Season 4 was confirmed, fans were rejoicing. With a move to Friday nights, fans had worried that the network was losing faith in it and parent showThe Vampire Diaries,and they were close to cancellation. Then the January 2017 premiere date was given, and fans started to panic again.Does the late start mean the network is losing faith in the show? Producer Mark Pedowitz has explained the decision again, weeks after the announcement.

The Originals to strengthen the network.

The idea is that airingThe Originalsseason 4 in January will help to strengthen the network.

Really, the CW has full faith that the show will remain strong with viewers. The winter and summer months are usually the weakest for the network, since the main shows are on their breaks. By putting this popular fantasy show on now, the network may be able to boost the views throughout the year.

If this happens, will other networks start following suit? Is it possible that popular shows will be moved into the summer on CBS, NBC, and many others to bring in more revenue? This is certainly possible considering the way the TV viewing is going online, and fans use the summer to catch up on some shows that they have had to miss.

The Originalswasn't the only show to miss out.

Pedowitz also admits that available time is tricky. While it renewed all its current shows, the CW also took onSupergirl and has greenlighted two new shows. There are only 10 hours of primetime television in a week, and the network needed to make a choice on the stronger shows. The superhero universe had to stick around, and a fair chance was given to the newer shows.

The Originals season 4 wasn't the only show to be delayed.Reign Season 4 will also have to wait until the winter months. This show had started its 3rd season back in October 2016, but concluded after other shows finished--not coming back right after the winter break. It also came back for a shorter season.The 100season 4 will also return in the winter, along withiZombieseason 3. Both of these shows are relatively popular, and backup Pedowitz's claim that the CW wants to strengthen its mid-season schedule.

Julie Plec is happy withThe Originals premiere date decision.

While fans may not be completely happy with the decision, showrunner Julie Plec is. It has allowedThe Vampire Diaries andThe Originals to separate slightly. There is no need to worry about the story that one show will tell to make sure there aren't major spoilers for the other, or worry about any mentions of crossovers. Plec has said that there will be a time jump forThe Originals season 4, and it will be further ahead than its sister show's jump last season. This was made more possible due to the CW's decision.

What do you think about the show not getting a renewal until January 2017?

Does it mean that the CW has lost faith inThe Originals, or that it is putting extra confidence into it? Will other networks follow suit?

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