The Vine Report revealed that Season 3 of “Halt and Catch Fire” is going to premiere on August 23 with two back to back episodes before settling into its regular schedule on August 30. The series, which is set during the computer revolution of the 1980s, will move the action from Texas to Silicon Valley where two of the characters attempt to elevate their nascent software company to the next level.

“Halt and Catch Fire” represents a trend if two TV shows can be such, of eighties nostalgia on the small screen.

The other show is the Cold War thriller “The Americans,” about a family of deep-cover KGB agents living and working in Reagan-era America. Other decades, the fifties and the sixties primarily, have enjoyed their fits of nostalgia. But the eighties constituted a different decade.

The election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 ushered in a new era, elevating the United States from the disco besotted malaise of the seventies and offering a new purpose to a country that had lost its way. Besides a new effort to win the Cold War, entrepreneurs were taking the newly developed personal computer and were pushing its capabilities to help create the connected, digital world we live in now.

The death of the Soviet Union, as depicted in “The Americans” and the birth of the computer age, as described in “Halt and Catch Fire”, were two significant developments that made the world better when the eighties ended than when it was when that decade began.

Eighties nostalgia is of a particular kind, not wedded to music or any other kind of popular culture. Just as the sixties are celebrated for social change, the eighties are cherished because it featured its own changes.

It saw the death of Soviet communism and the threat of nuclear annihilation and, for better or ill, the rise of the global community, linked together by the Internet and the availability of all the world’s knowledge at a few mouse clicks.

One wonders, therefore, what the current decade, which has thus far not been quite as grand, will be remembered for?

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