Gwen Stefani's concert at the XfinityCenter in Mansfield, Massachusetts, was going to have so many empty seats that folks started giving away free tickets so the place wouldn't look so empty, according to a Hollywoodblogger, but was that really the case?

Not to my girl you don't

It was Blake Shelton who defended his girlfriend's integrity by putting up pictures on Twitter showing the arena packed with fans on Tuesday night as Gwen opened her first major tour in almost a decade. Gwen took to the stage for the first concert ofThis Is What The Truth Feels Like Tour and wowed the crowd with some of her oldies, mixed in with her new songs, reports MSN News.

Not only did Shelton go with Gwen to her first concert on the tour, but he defended her honor by posting pictures saying things like, "That's right everybody. No matter how good your eye site is@gwenstefani show was "empty" last night." He was mocking Perez's reports that there was lack of interest in her concert by posting a few pictures that showed otherwise.

Perhaps one of the nicest thingsShelton tweeted about his girlfriend's concert was:

This is just like having your very own modern-day version of a knight and shining armor! Besides envying Gwen's beauty and talent, now women and men will envy the relationship she has with someone who won't allow a disparagingword to be said about her.

Despite what he said,most people would agree that if Blake Shelton set up a tent in the middle of nowhere on a Tuesday night people would flock to see him. But it still was so kind of Blake to put her talent above his own for that encouraging comment.

'Love is real y'all'

So how is Gwen feeling about all this? She posted a pictureon Instagramfrom backstage after the concert that says it all! The captionwas a simple one,"Love is real y'all." It was a picture of Gwen cuddling up to Blake in a quiet and private moment.

It would seem that despite Gwen Stefani's history of bad breakups with the likes of fellow No Doubt bandmate Tony Kanal and Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, she has found the right match in musician Blake Shelton.

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