An ugly custody battle between Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale could allegedly get worse. The pop singer and her ex-husband are said to be facing a big custody battle that could hit full-tilt turbulence if things do not change

Gavin Rossdale thinks the sound of Blake Shelton's ranch is dreadful

According to a new report, Stefani likes taking their three boys to Blake Shelton's Oklahoma ranch often, but Rossdale is not happy about the arrangement. A source tells In Touch that the more their sons are around Shelton, the more uneasy Stefani's ex becomes.

As the story goes, Rossdale thinks the country singer's ranch sounds dreadful and is telling his family therapist that he has concerns.

Gwen Stefani's current custody arrangement allegedly on the line

If Gwen Stefani continues taking her sons to Blake Shelton's ranch, the magazine's insider insists that Gavin Rossdale will take legal action by dragging his ex-wife to court. In his mind, going to Shelton's ranch is not good for his children, and he is ready and willing to stir up trouble. The source explains that a custody battle between Stefani and Rossdale will unfold if the kids keep going to Shelton's ranch on a regular basis.

Stefani's ex says his sons are picking up bad habits staying at Blake Shelton's ranch

Gwen Stefani's ex says his sons are picking up bad habits by staying at Blake Shelton's ranch, according to the source. He says Rossdale hates that the kids do not take baths, eat right, and go to bed late. He also feels that with Stefani taking his kids to Oklahoma so much, he is deprived of parenting time. He wants that to change.

Custody arrangement would be hard to fight

It is noted in the report that there is no clause in the custody agreement that specifically states Gwen Stefani is not allowed to take her kids out of the state. Unless there is something that Gavin Rossdale can do to legally change the joint custody agreement, it is unlikely there will be much he can do.

Veracity of report unknown

Is it true Gwen Stefani's ex-husband is seething over the fact she is taking their kids to Blake Shelton's Oklahoma ranch?

Gossip Cop usually clears up any misleading reports on Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, but this one has not been confirmed either way.Gossip Cop recently cleared up a false report by OK! that claimed Stefani is insecure about leaving Shelton for a long period of time during her upcoming 2-month tour. That was shot down as false. Several reports a week on the couple are dismissed as fabricated. So, it will be interesting to see how this report turns out.

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