Guns N' Roses fans got a bit wild and crazy to the point of breaking numerous laws at the Saturday, July 24th concert at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey according to the Jersey police department. Thirty concert goers were arrested on a multitude of charges Saturday with one thirty-year-old female arrested for assaulting an officer and charged with aggravated assault.

Guns N' Roses rock New Jersey!

The breakdown on the thirty arrests reveals charges ranging from possession of marijuana to solicitation.

It was a busy night for Jersey officers who spent hours dealing with the group writing up charges that also included:

9 disorderly conduct arrests

11 solicitation arrests

1 arrest for "open lewdness"

1 resisting arrest charge

2 arrests for simple assault

1 charge of harassment

3 criminal trespassing arrests

1 arrest for possession of under 50 grams of marijuana

Police ready for chaos during Sunday night's show

Saturday night's events put the local police on high alert for Sunday night as the rockers took the stage for a second show on GNR's tour schedule at the Metlife Stadium.

Lenny Kravitz opened up the rockers, priming the audience for the main event and they were more than ready to party hard when GNR took the stage kicking off the show with fireworks and flames.

Happy Birthday Slash!

The band also was celebrating Slash's 51st birthday, who rocked an awesome guitar solo in typical Slash fashion. The band played all the fan favorites and more rocking the stadium with classic hits including, "Mr.

Brownstone," "Welcome to the Jungle." "Rocket Queen" and of course, no Guns N' Roses show would be complete without "Sweet Child O' Mine."

Fans were all in agreement that the show was a huge success revealing that the band worked together and sounded like the Guns N' Roses of three decades ago.

No one was late, a no show, performed poorly, or fought. All in all, it was a great night for all, unless of course you were one of the thirty who were carted off in the paddy wagon to jail.

Guns N' Roses will close out the month of July next weekend with tour stops on Friday, July 2nd in Orlando Florida at Camping World Stadium and on Sunday, July 31st in New Orleans Louisiana at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

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