News of the first “Pokémon Go” related death has come to light after a Guatemalan teenager was lethally shot after being lead to anarea by the game.

First 'Pokémon Go' death

Jerson Lopez de Leon, an 18-year-old of Guatemalan origin, and his underage cousin, Daniel Moises Picen, had attempted to play the game in Chiquimula at night when they were attacked.Accounts seem to vary on exactly where the two were located at the time of the attack. Some sources claim that they entered a house, possibly confusing the story with a similar case in Florida, but more recent sources claim that the attack occurred alongside a railroad.

It can be confirmed that the attack occurred at night, as de Leon’s mother released a statement that her son had “already been in bed” when he left to play the game with his cousin, and that she was unsure at the time why her son left so late. Officials can also confirm that the two were playing the game at the time of the attack.Both were shot at, with de Leon believed to have been shot fatally, and eventually succumbing to his wounds while hospitalized, whereas Picen is said to have been badly wounded.

Nearly twenty bullets were found at the scene of the shooting.Police are reportedly searching for occupants of an agricultural van that was seen leaving the scene of the crime, believing itto be connected to the shooting.

Killers may have planned the attack

It is currently unknown why de Leon and Picen were attacked, but police suspect that the shooters may have been attempted robbers who attacked when de Leon and Picen interrupted their plans.

It has also been alternatively suspected that the killers may have known de Leon and set out to attack him beforehand, using his phone to locate him.

While there has already been controversy over the game putting players, often teenagers and children into dangerous situations, such as being lured into traps by thieves (which may have been the situation here) or coming across unsafe areas outside, de Leon’s death is currently believed to have been the first death related to the “Pokémon Go” phenomenon.

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