Ellen Pompeo of Grey's Anatomy fame sounds as if she's resigned herself to aging and is taking advantage of what is offered today for a 46-year-old Hollywood actress. This almost sounds sad, but never-the-less it may be realistic thinking.

At 46 she's embraced age

The Grey's Anatomy star is one of the few left standing in that hospital where she's worked, fell in love, had a family, had a time of mourning andmost of all, a place where she'sgrown through the years. She's not the Botox type and as far as being 46, Pompeo has embraced her age.

Too old for Hollywood opportunities?

Her former co-stars Sandra Oh and Katherine Heigl left for the movies, but as far as Pomeo is concerned, she doesn't see too many opportunities for a 46-year-old actress in Hollywood today. So when contracts were up for renewing, she was happy to do so.

Late bloomer

She doesn't see herself going anywhere else but Grey's Anatomy.Pompeo started her acting career in her mid-20s, which is a late bloomer in Hollywood.It sounds as if Pompeo really believes that at 46 she is lucky to have the role that she does have, but what about the women in Hollywood from 50 to 70 and beyond, who always seem to have plenty of TV and movie roles?

There's Meryl Streep, HelenMirren, Katy Sagal,Helena Bonham Carter,Julianna Margulies, Robin Wright, Geena Davis, Elizabeth Hurley, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Diane Lane, just to name a few women who are over the age of 50 and are still considered A-list movie stars.

Not a risk taker?

She went on to say that while there's been downsides to the show, overall its been great and actually gotten better with time.

It sounds as ifPompeomay not be a risk taker and maybe she just doesn't recognize this in herself.She is certainly one of the breakout stars of the show and probably the most popular with the majority of the fans. Check out some of the bloopers from Grey's Anatomy seasons 1-11 in the YouTube video below:

In a recent interview reported on Comcast Xfinity, Pompeo talked a bit about how she is naturally thin and those rumors tagging her with an eating disorderare disturbing to her, but not because she doesn't have thick skin, it's because she doesn't want young girls to think that is how she stays fit.

Ellen Pompeo says that she believes in your 20s and 30s "you're super obsessed with your looks because you don't have any other wisdom." Today she is enjoying the wisdom of knowing it is a privilege to grow old, and not a privilege that everyone is awarded.

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