Gisele Bündchen is the most recent supermodel to pose for the Italian brand’s ads, she poses topless in a black and white photo taken by Luigi and Iango alongisde actor Cauã Reymond.

The gorgeous model appears topless in all of the shots and wears dark pants that have a star on the back pocket. The 2016 campaign sees Gisele getting up and personal with the male model, pressing her chest against his back, sitting on his shoulders, and lying on top of him with her hand intertwined in his hair.

The main snap of Gisele is the one of her sitting on Reymond’s shoulders, the black and white photo is of the model wearing tight leather pants whilst topless, though a long dark bar covers her assets.

Another one of the photos of the two models shows Gisele lying on top of Cauã and they pose as though they are about to kiss, with Gisele’s locks dangling on Cauã’s face.

Gisele Bündchen shares her sexy snaps on her Instagram page

Gisele has shared two of the photos from the shoot on her Instagram, posting them with the caption “New @givenchyofficial jeans campain. Nova campanha jeans da @givenchyofficial.” and “#Ggirl #GivenchyJeans.” So far only a few of the shots have been released but the rest of the campaign is due to be released soon.

Other famous models who have done shots for the luxury brand include Irina Shayk who is a 30-year-old Russian model is currently dating Bradley Cooper.

Gisele Bündchen photos inspired by Kim K?

The 35-year-old model is used to posing nude and semi-nude so no doubt she was not shy during the shoot. The main photo of the campaign is rather similar to Kim Kardashian’s naked bathroom selfie she posted in March, which was also black and white and had a black bar covering her breasts.

Givenchy’s designer and stylist are both friends with the reality TV star so it is likely that that is where they got inspiration from. Givenchy’s fashion editor Carine Roitfield has spoken before about how she finds inspiration from Kim and Kanye.

Gisele is a mother of two but still maintains an incredible and enviable figure, she is famous for her long limbs and toned legs.

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