The new Ghostbusters

Before its July 15th release the newGhostbusters movie may have shot itself in the foot with its own proton packs. Harsh reaction by the film’s stars, director, and Sony executives to early criticism, mostly on the web, may have alienated enough potential audience members to greatly affect the films’ box office, which is a shame because the movie is actually quite good.

Early reaction

There were some early grumblings about an all-female Ghostbusters being made, which is understandable.

When the trailer was released on YouTube in March it garnered a record number of “Dislikes." Misogynistic reasons some commenters had aside, remaking any beloved classic movie is bound to garner a hefty amount of criticism and should well be expected. It’s how those responsible for the movie react that can play havoc with box office receipts and in this category the Ghostbusters crew did themselves no favors.


Instead of say, ignoring this early criticism and telling people that the movie will stand on its own merits, director Paul Feig said at “Geek culture is home to some of the biggest ass***** I’ve ever met in my life,”.

Maybe not the best way to address what makes up Movies like this biggest fan bases. Needless to say he wasn’t alone. Ghostbusters star Melissa McCarthy took to mixing geeks and misogyny on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” saying “A lot of these guys who seem to have, I don’t know, maybe very empty lives are upset because they say, oh well you can’t have female Ghostbusters because only men can fight imaginary ghosts in a make believe movie, what these guys don’t say when they’re typing is that their moms are like ‘get upstairs and take out the garbage!

You’re forty five years old."

Good movie

Alienating your key audience demographic is never a good marketing strategy and lackluster receipts from Ghostbusters'opening weekend may reflect this, which is a shame because the film actually works. The four leads don’t gel quite as well as the 1984 original cast but each gets enough funny moments. The laughs are honest, without the need for cheap shtick or toilet humor and, most importantly, the movie pays the proper homage to the source material to include cameos by the original’s cast, even the late Harold Ramis.

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