Things in Port Charles are about to get pretty heated. "General Hospital" writers have a wild twist in store for fans who have been wondering why Rachel Berlin (Rebecca Budig) was brought to town in the first place. Sure the soap world is known for adding new characters all the time, but this was done with a very specific purpose. When it was announced that Budig had signed a contract to stick around, fans began to wonder about her connections to Port Charles.

Connection between Elizabeth and Rachel revealed

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Rachel and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) are long, lost sisters.

This is going to make for a wild ride as they currently want nothing to do with one another. There was bad blood between the two since their initial encounter when Elizabeth just knew Rachel was conning Nikolas (Tyler Christopher). The storyline is expected to really start snowballing when Rachel's mother, Naomi (Robin Riker) hears a conversation and Jeff Webber's name is mentioned. That is when the ball will get rolling.

Remember back to when Heather (Robin Mattson) told Franco (Roger Howarth) she was given a lot of money for keeping quiet. Speculation is that Raymond Berlin paid Heather off when her husband, Jeff Webber ended up getting Naomi pregnant with Rachel. This would make Elizabeth and Rachel half-sisters, opening up the possibility for a long-term stay in Port Charles for Rachel.

Fans have been onto this surprise for weeks

"General Hospital" fans have been speculating a connection between the two enemies for quite some time. The chemistry Rebecca Budig and Rebecca Herbst have is undeniable when they confront one another. Their similarities in looks also help to make the storyline believable, which is semi-important in the world of soaps.

Don't expect this "General Hospital" secret to be exposed quickly at all. While the ball will get moving shortly, it won't come full circle until sometime this fall. November sweeps will be the next big ratings period for the show, and that may be the time the writers choose to reveal everything. Waiting is going to be aggravating but some fans are excited that Rachel will be kept around, even if it isn't as Nikolas' wife.

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