In GOT season 6 episode 5 (the "Hold the door!" episode), we saw the Children of the forest creating the first White Walker in the history of Westeros. Who was that man? The answer can be easily found checking the name of the actor portraying the human tied to the weirwood tree...

The truth according tothe show.

The man tied to the weirwood tree in Bran's vision who is transformed into a White Walker by Leaf is portrayed by actor Vladimir Furdik, and Vladimir Furdik is also the actor who plays the Night's King in the TV show, the fearsome leader of the Others.

Therefore, according to the show, the first White Walker ever created in the Seven Kingdoms' is the Night's King, while in the books the truth is entirely different.

The truth according to ASOIAF book series.

In George R.R. Martin's books the Night's King is far less important compared to the one in the show. He is actually a legendary figure from the past, "akin to Lann the Clever and Brandon the Builder, and no more likely to have survived to the present day than they have” as Martin wrote a while ago.

In the first book, Old Nan of Winterfell tells Bran Stark the legend of the Night's King: he was a fierce warrior who became Lord Commander of the Watch thousands of years before the events depicted in A Game of Thrones. The Night's King helplessly fell in love with a woman met beyond the Wall, a beautiful woman "with skin as white as the moon and eyes like blue stars": a White Walker. The Night's King chased her and loved her, and he gave her his soul.

He lived for thirteen years at the Wall with the mysterious woman, committing a lot of atrocities and declaring himself king in the meanwhile, until he was finally defeated by Joramun, the King Beyond the Wall, and Brandon the Breaker, who decided to obliterate the Night's King's name from memory.

The books and the show.

Considering that the Night's King met a White Walker before being turned into one of them, it's clear that he's not the first Walker according to the books.

We have no idea who the first Walker was according to what we know from ASOIAF book series: the show basically reinvented the character, clearly depicting him as the true leader of the Others.

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