In Game of Thronesseason 6 Samwell Tarly arrives at the Citadel in Oldtown. In A Song of Ice and Fire book series Sam meets Pate the novice in the Citadel, but the real Pate is dead and the one Sam meets is actually a well-known member of the Faceless Men...

Jaqen H'ghar and Samwell in the books.

In the books Jaqen disappears after giving Arya the old coin which later she will use to reach Braavos. Just like in the TV show, Jaqen changes his appearance before vanishing: do you remember the face Arya sees before saying goodbye to Jaqen in Westeros?

Check the picture above.

In the books Arya is trained in the House of Black and White by a kindly old man, a priest who appears to be in charge of the temple. In the meanwhile, in Westeros, a man with black hair and a long nose kills a Citadel novice for unknown reasons.

Pate the novice.

In the books, Pate the novice encounters a person who calls himself an Alchemist. The Alchemist is willing to give him a golden dragon coin in exchange for the personal key of archmaester Walgrave (the personal key of an archmaester can open any lock in the Citadel).

Pate follows the Alchemist into a narrow alley; the man gives him the coin and shows his face: long hooked nose, black thick hair. The description of the Alchemistis identical to the appearance assumed by the Faceless Man known to Arya as Jaqen H'ghar.

Pate asks who he is and the man replies: "A stranger. No one. Truly". The man obtains the key from Pate, who falls to the ground and dies shortly after.

When Samwell Tarly comes to the Citadel, he meets a young man claiming to be Pate.

What is going to happen in the show?

As we already explained in a previous article, the man with Jaqen's face that Arya meets in Braavos is very unlikely to be the real Jaqen. We think the real Jaqen is still in Westeros (just like in the books) with his new face (the one with black hair and a long nose). Although this is probably true, we don't know if the real Jaqen will pop up again in the show: hypothetically, Sam could encounter him at the beginning of season 7, but a lot of things will happen in the next season and the showrunners are totally going to cut off some storylines.

Since we don't know why Jaqen was in Westeros when he met Arya and why he killed Pate in the Citadel in the books, we really hope the showrunners aren't going to cut off his storyline from GOT. The reason behind Jaqen's actions in Westeros is one of the biggest GOT/ASOIAF mysteries.

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