Here are two brand new theories about Game of Thrones, the winged wolf theory recently presented by Movie Pilot, and the Cersei-Euron theory appeared on Reddit two days ago.

The winged wolf.

In A Clash of Kings Meera's brother Jojen tells Bran of a dream he had, in which he sees a "winged wolf, bound to earth with grey stone chains". A three-eyed crow peck the chains trying to set the winged wolf free.


Jojen tells Bran that he is the winged wolf (the three-eyed crow of the dream is trying to set him free just like the "human" Three-eyed crow is going to do in its cave). Jack Carr on Movie Pilot suggests, nonetheless, another explanation: the wolf represents the Starks, the wings the Targaryens and Jon Snow is half wolf and half dragon. According to this theory, the crow in the dream is actually Bran, who recently became the Three-eyed crow, who will try to set the winged wolf free by revealing Jon Snow's real parentage.

Our opinion.

This interesting interpretation of Jojen's dream makes sense.


Nonetheless, the simpler explanation (the winged wolf is Bran, who will "learn how to fly" with his mind and eventually his body, through a warg-bond, thanks to the Three-eyed-crow) makes sense as well, and we're inclined to think that the simpler explanation is actually the best one.

Mad Cersei's marriage.

Reddit user Sam_Stark shared some interesting thoughts about Cersei's future. "I think it would make sense if Cersei allies herself with Euron Greyjoy through marriage," Sam_Stark wrote.

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Game Of Thrones

A marriage with Euron could be very useful for Cersei, since when Danerys arrives in Westeros, Euron will probably have a 1000 ships fleet ready for the battle. Sam_Stark also pointed out that Jaime is not in love with Cersei anymore and Euron needs to make moves. He also noted that if Euron is in possession of Dragonbinder (a horn that can be used to control dragons), Cersei will desperately need his help against Daenerys.

An alliance without marriage?

Sam_Stark is right about how much Cersei needs a powerful fleet, and we're totally going to see Euron against Yara, Theon and Daenerys, but we're pretty sure that Dragonbinder will never appear on the TV show. It's also very difficult to imagine Cersei marrying again. Cersei hated Robert and the idea of marrying Loras, so we think she's going to rule alone from now on.


On the other hand, an alliance between Cersei and Euron would create some opposition for Daenerys, and we think is very likely to happen.

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