Game of Thrones 6x10 confirmed the most-popular theory amongst GOT fan: Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Since Jon is officially a Targaryen now, many fans wondered if he's fire resistant just like Daenerys. If you click on the picture above you can access the photogallery and look at the proofs that Jon can definitely be hurt by fire.

Jon Snow and Lord Commander Mormont.

In the first season of GOT, a wight tries to attack Lord Commander Mormont in his chambers.

Jon is there as well and - after stabbing the wight with no result - he grasps the lantern in Mormont's hand and after a scream of pain he throws the lantern against the undead, setting it on fire.


In this scene Jon saves the Lord Commander's life; in the same episode, Jorah Mormont's father donates him Longclaw.

In the second picture in the photogallery you can see Jon shortly after the undead's attack: he has a bandage on his injured hand. Just like in the books, in the TV show Jon Snow can be hurt by fire. And you know what? That's completely normal.

The Targaryens aren't fire resistant!

A lot of fans are confused by the Targaryens' ability to resist fire. The Targaryens aren't fire resistant, Daenerys is. In the show, Daenerys apparently cannot be hurt by fire since we saw her immunity in action more than once (the funeral pyre, the Dothrakis killing, her hand on the brazier...).

In the books, even Daenerys can be hurt by fire. George Martin himself explained that the only occasion in which she showed a fire immunity was the birth of her dragons, which was a "unique" event, "a miracle".

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In the TV show, Dany is the only fire resistant Targaryen, in the books every Targaryen can be harmed by fire, even Daenerys.


Here are some examples which demonstrate that the "fireproof Targaryens" are just a myth.

  • Princess Rhaenys "the Queen Who Never Was" was killed by dragon fire during the Dance of the Dragons (a Targaryen civil war).
  • Aegon II and Baela Targaryen were severely burned during the Dance of the Dragons.
  • Aerion Brightflame also known as Aerion the Monstrous died drinking a cup of wildfire, believing it would transform him into a dragon.
  • Dany's brother Viserys was killed by molten gold.

The best example is the tragedy at Summerhall, a castle in the Dornish Marches, which was consumed by fire. The fire killed King Aegon V (who probably caused the tragedy trying to hatch several dragon eggs), Duncan Targaryen and many others.