Game of Thrones: an interesting theory about Varys and Tyrion posted by Reddit user gmnitsua just became very popular. In our opinion is one of the most solid theories that have spread after GOT season 6 finale.

Varys in the previous seasons.

According to gmnitsua's theory, "Varys is playing the best game out of anyone". The Spider conspired with Illyrio Mopatis to arrange Daenerys and Khal Drogo's marriage in the first place, and it's important to remember that is in her marriage's occasion that Daenerys get the dragon eggs. As you probably remember, Varys is also the one who kept in touch with ser Jorah Mormont in the previous Game of Thrones' seasons.

Varys and Tyrion.

Varys clearly show his appreciation for Tyrion's crucial intervention in the Battle of the Blackwater. After Joffrey Baratheon's murder, Tyrion is forced to face a trial in which Varys testify against him.


Why Varys didn't defend Tyrion? It seems that he wanted to protect himself against Cersei's rage, but actually, the truth may be different.

Varys wanted Tyrion to be forced to escape King's Landing.

As gmnitsua reported in his post on Reddit, Varys wanted Tyrion to be found guilty since he wanted to push him to Daenerys' side. After the trial, Varys schemed with Jaime and he smuggled our favourite Lannister to Essos. Gmnitsua also remarks that the one who kidnap him and bring to Daenerys is Jorah Mormont, even if this can be a simple coincidence (and we're pretty sure it is).

That wasn't the first time Varys tried to lure Tyrion out of Westeros.

A fascinating addition to this theory is provided by Scheduler's reply to gmnitsua's theory on Reddit. Scheduler pointed out that after the Battle of the Blackwater Shae, who has been in Varys' pocket in the past, tried to convince Tyrion to go to Pentos with her, where they would have been free to live their lives.

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Pentos is where Illyrio is. "Varys and Shae", Scheduler writes, "testified against Tyrion when he wouldn't go to Pentos of his own volition".


Let's recap: Varys recognized Tyrion's ability during his time as Hand of the King as well as in the Battle of the Blackwater. He tried to lure him out of Westeros through Shae, then he testified against him, and when Tyrion was forced to leave the capital, he helped him to reach Essos, where he proved to be an important ally for Daenerys. Varys accomplished two goals:

  • He earned an important ally for Daenerys, the one he thinks should rule the Seven Kingdoms.
  • He removed Tyrion from the capital weakening the Lannisters.

This interesting theory, in our opinion, clearly remarks how well Varys is playing the "game of thrones".