Time for a new Game of Thrones theory: Reddit user Fire_away_Fire_away speculated that Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger is actually going to be killed off in the next season of the TV Show. We saw Sansa Stark becoming stronger and stronger in the previous seasons. She's in a difficult situation at Winterfell after her decision to asks Littlefinger for help, but what if she is going to surprise Baelish with a bold move?

Petyr is going to fly.

According to Fire_away_Fire_away's theory, Littlefinger will die in season 7 falling through the Moon Door located in the Arryn's principal stronghold (the Eyrie), in the same way he murdered Lysa Arryn (the mother of the young Robin Arryn, the Lord of the Vale).

Fire_away_Fire_away speculates that Petyr will die by Sansa's hand, in a direct or indirect way.

Petyr is not invincible.

Littlefinger is one of the smartest manipulators among all GOT characters, but he is not invincible.


Many fans after GOT season 6 finale predicted that Baelish will undermine Jon Snow's position in the North, but according to Fire_away_Fire_away's theory, this may never happen. Sansa Stark doesn't need Petyr anymore, he is just a problem for her. How may she get rid of him? First of all, Petyr killed Lysa Arryn, second of all, he is not well accepted in the Vale. If Sansa will be able to manipulate Robin (who is very easy to manipulate) Littlefinger might really die in season 7.

Sansa's bold move

Sansa is in "the great game" now, and if she decides to manipulate Robin to expose and ultimately kill Littlefinger, she would achieve many goals:

  • She would gain the support of the Vale's soldiers.
  • She would get rid of a very dangerous man and secure Jon and her's positions in the North.
  • She would restore a solid relationship between the North and the Vale.
  • She might decide to gain a position of power in the Vale through marriage.

What is really going to happen?

Although there is no evidence to support Fire_away_Fire_away's theory, this hypothesis looks interesting: we usually think that Littlefinger will harm someone in the future, but is possible that he is going to be the one who gets hurt this time, the theory suggests.

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Nonetheless, since it's hard to predict if Sansa will prove herself capable of such a cruel and bold move, we will have to wait for GOT season 7 to know the truth about Littlefingers' fate.