Recently, at Comic-Con in San Diego, the first trailer for the upcoming “Wonder Woman” movie, starring Israeli actress Gal Gadot as the title character, was aired and then released for the general public. The movie is going to be the original story of the iconic superheroine, but with a few differences from the comic book source material.

About 75 years ago, World War II-era pilot Steve Trevor washed ashore on a tropical island inhabited solely by Amazons, including Diana, who falls in love with the first man to arrive there in centuries.

She follows him to the wider world and begins to fight evil in the guise of Wonder Woman, wielding a sword, shield, magic bracelets, and a magic lasso that forces anyone ensnared, to tell the truth. She is infused with the power of the Greek gods with super strength and agility. In her modern incarnation, Wonder Woman flies around in an invisible airplane.

The character was a feminist icon from the very beginning, arriving on the stage in an era when girls and women were just starting to realize their self-worth.

During World War II, women worked in the factories and even on the front lines in supporting roles as nurses and mechanics, among other things, as the young men went forth to fight. While the war years were followed by the 1950s era of the happy housewife, the feminist movement arose in the 1960s. Wonder Woman was the first female superhero who would fight evil and live on her own terms.

The movie has made the decision to move the origin story to World War I, though Steve Trevor is still a pilot.

We see Wonder Woman fighting on a battlefield, charging a German trench line with sword and shield, warding off machinegun bullets. Another scene gets in a feminist dig in which our heroine compares the life of a secretary to slavery.

Gadot appeared as Wonder Woman in“Batman v. Superman.” The role was played by Lynda Carter in the 1970s TV series. In the upcoming movie, Chris Pine plays Steve Trevor with Robin Wright and Connie Nielson rounding out the cast.

The movie is due to be released in 2017.

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