FKA Twigs was performing in Moscow, Russia as part of her show ‘Radiant Me’. The eccentric British singer performed at Moscow’s Lastochka Festival on Friday night and reminded us all just how off the wall she is as she showed off her new hairstyle of waist-long blonde dreadlocks.

Twigs is very much a gothic princess and fans were originally surprised when she and Robert Pattinson got together and Rob Patt comes across as a rather plain guy, though his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart was also quite alternative and had a hint of gothic in her style. FKA Twigs and Pattinson started dating back in 2014 and confirmed their engagement in April 2015.

FKA Twigs’ manages to pull of hippy-style dreadlocks

FKA Twigs, who is famously engaged to ‘Twilight’ actor Robert Pattinson was excited to debut her new singles during her ‘Radiant Me’ show and has said they are works that she is proud of and was eager to show off. The 28-year-old beauty has a very unique style and wears edgy outfits on stage so her new dreadlocks have not come out of character. She recently posted a photo of herself on her Instagram showing off her new funky dreadlocks, in the photo she wears shades, a bull-nose ring, eccentric eye make-up and henna-style face patterns.

The experimental artist is currently performing all over the world, she has five more performances in North America, before performing in Norway and then returning to the UK in order to sing at the British festival ‘Bestival in September.

Singer FKA Twigs mixes all genres to come up with her own style of music

FKA Twigs, whose real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett is very honest and blunt, when speaking during an interview with a magazine she said she believes “people talk too much. Everyone’s always chatting and not delivering, I’m the opposite.

I like to just deliver.” Her music style is described a mix of punk, alternative R&B and electric. She has previously revealed that she took influence from Marvin Gaye, Billie Holiday and Ella Ftizgerald.

FKA Twigs show dates

The rest of the singer’s tour dates are as follows:

13/7/16- Skral Grimstad

15/7/16- Pemberton, Canada

17/7/16- Pitchfork Chicago

20/7/16- Pier Six, Baltimore

22/7/16- Panorama, New York

23/7/16- Wayhome, Toronto

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