The Royals Tv star and stunning model, Elizabeth Hurley has been rather critical of social media in the past, but she took it all back this week when she told The Spectator how Facebook posts and Twitter had helped restore her to her beloved pet – Mr. Mew.

Royal Pet was starving.

Mr. Mew, a close cat companion to The Royals star which aired last year, took it into his head to chill-out on a big night adventure and just never came back home. It’s likely things got out of hand, as somewhere along the way Mr.

Mew lost a few teeth, and the lap-of-luxury cat had maybe strayed a bit too far out of his familiar ‘hood, as he was starving hungry when he was reunited with his darling owner. It is hoped that he will brush up on his rat-catching techniques before he tests out the freedom of the species again.

Hurley will never be rude about Facebook again.

“I’ll never be rude about social media again,” Hurley said and Spectator reports that she only found her cat which had been missing for six months after friends and fans posted photos of Mr.

Mew on Facebook and Twitter. Hurley did not say how many false alarms came in, but eventually she found him “living rough a few miles away.” She is obviously delighted to be reunited with her favorite pussy, which is going to need lots of feeding up and probably one or two trips to the vet. Did I say “vet?” – Maybe life on the lam was a better option for Mr. Pussycat!

'Liz tweets her thanks.

The not-so-slinky-at-the-momentcat will hopefully regain his full health with lots of love, great food, and a lovely home.

Elizabeth Hurley said that she thinks he will soon “be restored to his usually slinky self." On 30th June Elizabeth publicly thanked Miss Sandy Fox for helping her find her missing Mr. Mew.

Pussy missing for 6 months.


Mew took off when ‘Liz was away in India and she was devastated to hear on 23 January that he had gone missing. She posted up a beautiful photo of her beloved pet on Twitter and friends and fans took note. Soon he was circulating across social media, which was to be his lifesaver. Six months is a very long time to be missing and it was a lot colder in Hertfordshire back in January. Luckily he is made of stern stuff and managed to weather the cold and survive into summer.

Taking time to spoil the precious pet.

While Mr.

Mew was away she was really worried about him, despite being full-on busy supporting the plight of the elephants on social media, worrying about the last of the world’s northern white rhino and helping raise money for breast cancer research. That was on top of being a mom and working hard. In February she was so excited about going to watch her son act in his school musical Grease.Elizabeth Hurley stars as Queen Helena, in the American Tv drama series, The Royals that aired on E! and premiered in March last year. She is busy working on the set of Royals Season 3 at the moment, but will no doubt take some time to spoil her precious pet.

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