Eva Longoria and her husband, the Mexican media mogul, José Bastón want toadopt a child. Pregnancy is not a priority for Longoria, and Bastón has four biological children from his first marriage. The pair is ready for a new challenge in their lives: having a baby. There are many abandoned children in the world, and they want to adopt one to make the child happy. Of course, a kid would give them much happiness. The actress has always wanted a big family, but her career in Hollywood was stronger than her desire for motherhood.

Longoria is very busy in her new role of executive producer of reality shows, based on Latin women, so pregnancy would not be appropriate now.

They already have a family

Longoria and Baston are not alone. The actress gets along very well with Baston's children from a previous marriage. They can take timeto plan an adoption while working hard on their projects. The 41-year-old actress thinks Bastón is a great father. She loves to see how well his children are educated and thriving. He is very excited about the idea of being an adoptive father because he would be changing the life of unfortunate children.

Adopting a child or children can take at least a few months. In some cases, it could be a year before an adoption is finalized. However, Celebrities usually can adopt faster than others.

Different versions

Eva Longoria managerdeniedthat she had plans to adopt a child, but it's still not the definitive answer for the known actress. The celebrity and the media mogul carry only two months of marriage, but they have everything to create a family.

They have a lot of money, stables careers, they have traveled all around the world, plus we must add the experience in fatherhood that Bastón has. All that suggests they are indeed planning to adopt a child, but want to keep it in complete privacy. This case is very similar to Sandra Bullock, who kept secret the adoption of her son Louis for two years.

There are manny celebrities who decide to adopt because of the pressureof Hollywood (beauty, eternal youth), and some find it impossible to carry out a pregnancy.

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