Erin Andrews was secretly recorded in her hotel room in Nashville, Tennessee by an ex truck driver who released a video of the sportscaster naked. The creepy ex-felon filmed the star through a peephole back in 2008 and he released the video of the star in 2009, making the video go viral.

Michael Barrett was sentenced to two and a half years in prison, as well as years of probation. Barrett did serve his sentence but was released from jail in 2012 which is the same year that he filed for bankruptcy.

The court case has been going on for quite some time, Andrew filed complaints and requested compensation worth $75million. In March 2016 the court decided to award Andrews $55million in compensation, though it was unlikely she would ever receive the full amount.

Erin Andrews’ stalker was denied bankruptcy

Andrews’ stalker tried to get out of the charges by filing for bankruptcy, only to later have his bankruptcy rejected by Judge Trish Brown. Barrett had thought that he would be protected by bankruptcy but the Judge made decisions in Andrews’ favor and insisted that the charges he faces are not avoidable and are ‘non-dischargeable’.

In March the court decided that Barrett would be made to pay 51 percent of her $55million, which means he will have to pay close to $28 million.

The other party that is to blame for the invasion of Andrew’s privacy is the hotel that she was staying in which is Nashville Marriott, who apparently gave Barrett information on the dates and room number of Andrews’ stay. The hotel have been made to pay 49% of the compensation amount.

Erin Andrews spent over two years trying to get the video off the net

Erin Andrew’s stalker Michael David Barrett, was arrested by the FBI and decided to plead guilty to the charges he was being faced with. The video was unsurprisingly spread all over the internet and Andrew was still trying to get it removed from the net in 2011.

Andrews has spoken about how this event is going to cause her a lifetime of consequences, “I’ll always have to go get treatment for this.

I’ll always need to talk to somebody about this because this will always be on the internet. This will always be there. There will always be a reminder, every single day.”

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