Empire season 3 will offer up a back story through flashbacks of the teenage years of Cookie and Lucious Lyon so the fans can see how this all started.

The actors tapped to play theyounger versions of the firecracker Cookie and the still-waters-run-deep Lucious have already signed on with Empire.

Fans will get to see the how the younger Cookie and Lucious created their Empire and from where some of those wheeling and dealing traits originated.

Empire flashbacks

It looks like Empire has tapped some great talent to play the young couple.

Playing the role of a teen Cookie is Ajiona Alexus withLucious as a young teenager with an edge beingportrayed by Jeremy Carver.

Alexus and Carver will play the power couple in flashbacks that will be shown during the Empire episodes. While Cookie is described as "innocent" and "beautiful" as a teen in a Catholic school, she's still got that edge known as the "Cookie spark," which is how she is described byIB Times.

Good girl, bad boy romance blooms

Lucious didn't just conjure up his bad-boy persona as an adult, it is something he has nurtured for decades.

That same bad-boy image is seen in its infancy with the music mogul when he is portrayed as a teen.

A young Cookie is enamored by Lucious and his bad boy edge, then that young romance jumps decades into the future where Lucious and now Cookie just about rule in the music world.

Ivy League vs. Lucious league

Another actor to join the cast in season 3 is Ezri Walker who plays a teen named Zeah with an IQ that's off the charts.

He arrives on Empire with a dilemma in the form of a fork in the road.

One path leads to an Ivy League education and the other to work under the now famous Lucious Lyon for a career as a rapper.

While the path he takes is unknown right now, fans know if Lucious wants him, he will get him for sure. If not that means the music mogul would have lost his touch in season 3 and that's not a probable scenario.

Taye Diggs is one of the several big name guest stars slated for season 3. Diggs is described as a character set to "resemble President Barack Obama" before he was president, reports TV Line. Diggs is moving up in the ranks of politics.

Guests galore

Empire season 3 is offering several big names in guest appearances including Montana French, Birdman and singer Sierra McClain. French, whose character is also a music mogul, is said to have ties to Lucious.

Whispers of French possibly being a romantic interest for Cookie are in the air. The big day is set in stone for Empire Season 3 opening episode, which is September 21 at 9 p.m.

EDT on the Fox network.

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