A new program aired on UK's Channel 4 yesterday evening called Eden.A program, that is in effect a year-long social experiment to see how a group of individuals do when they have to start again with little to get them going. After watching the first episode, I can safely say that I was hooked if anything by its simplicity.

A fascinating program

It is nothing like I’m a Celebrityor even Big Brotherfor that matter, just a group of people, each with different skills often filming themselvesin vlogs. Naturally, there were four cameramen embedded with them, but they too were under the same conditions as the others and also a part of the social experiment.

As already stated, each individual taking part in Eden has their own particular skills which would be beneficial to the group as a whole. Such skills include a builder, for obvious reasons, a carpenter, again pretty obvious why, and a chef, because we all need to eat. Other skills also include a doctor and vet to look after both the people taking part and the animals from which they need to live off.

They start with basic supplies

Since this was the first episode, we see those taking part arriving and meeting with each other. They go to the two only pre-existing buildings which will serve to be their accommodation for the first night, and a store house. The experiment starts with the team havingbasic supplies, meager food rations and a number of animals including sheep, pigs, and chickens.

Their first night proved to be windy and very cold. In the morning, a plan is hatched to build a bigger and more insulated structure in which they will be able to live in. A tepee-like structure is built and serves as a meeting place for their weekly decision-making sessions. One of the pre-existing buildings is extended and insulated in order to comfortably accommodate all of the team.

Divisions and romance begin to appear

Yet despite this progress, not all are happy. One of the team, an adventurer, is unhappy with not only the living arrangements but also the group’s apparent short-sightedness in planning. Since they have all established on an open area near to the sea, the winter weather will make life very difficult.

Therefore, he elects to go off on his own to the woods to make a winter camp, causing divisions within the group.

While at the same time divisions are beginning to appear, so too is romance. When the chef and one other member of the team manage to brew up some form of alcoholic concoction, couples begin to form. Naturally, in what has become a tightknit group, everyone knows who is getting with who, all rather reminiscent of time at school.

How will the social experiment progress?

The entire project is a fascinating idea and I look forward to how the experiment progresses. It provides an interesting insight into human nature and how ordinary people react when they have to start over. We will see next week how the group has come along and what challenges they have to get past in order to survive.

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