Eagles longsnapper Jon Dorenbos is much more than your average football player. He's actually a wizard. He wowed the 'America's Got Talent' judges with an amazing audition and stepped it up in a big way in the next round of the competition. His trick was so impressive that Ne-Yo chose to give him a golden buzzer, putting him directly into the live shows.

The trick:

Jon Dorenbos performed his trick with nothing more than a simple deck of cards and a pad of drawing paper. But it's better to watch both of hisclipsyourself to understand just how absurd his tricks are.

That secondtrick iseven better last time, which also included some ridiculous wizardry with a deck of cards.

Dorenbos let Ne-Yo pick a card, then tried to guess his card by drawing it ona notebook that he had brought with him. Ne-Yo pulled the five of clubs, but Dorenbos had drawn the ace of clubs, making it look like the trick had flopped. But Dorenbos amazingly turned the picture into something else, magically pulling the five of clubs out of the box and wowing the judges with what Simon Cowell could only describe as magic. It was pretty hard to top that first performance, but he definitely broughtin his second appearance on the show. And he was rewarded handsomely by the judges for his impressive act.

Golden Buzzer

'America's Got Talent' has a special golden buzzer that can be used to send contestants directly to the live shows.

It's an honor reserved only for the best contestants, and each judge has just one to use on their favorite contestant. All of other judges have already used their golden buzzer, but not Ne-Yo, who chose to use his golden buzzer on Jon Dorenbos.

Jon Dorenbos has to be excited.

He now has a legitimate chance to compete for one million dollars and set up a career for himself as a performing magician after his football career is over. Even if he doesn't win, there will be plenty of people clamoring for a Jon Dorenbos performance.

What if he wins?

At this point, Dorenbos has a legitimate consideration to make.

He's definitely talented enough to go very far in this competition, which would likely leave him with two alternatives at the end. Either he continues to play football, or he pursues a career as a magician in Las Vegas after winning the show. Right now, the Eagles better start thinking of a backup plan at longsnapper just in case Dorenbos does manage to win the entire show.

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