Many people have questioned why Trunks and Goten are shown that childish in the series. Now, after watching the next episode preview we can see that MIRAITRUNKS is shown as a child fighting against Future-Gohan in a kind of remembering. Besides the controversy about the blue hair, this episode shows us a way too different Trunks. Different than present-Trunks indeed. But we could even guess they have the same age. In this note we are going to demonstrate that both should have the same age. Also we are going to do some commentary regarding what Akira Toriyama’s said about it and what our opinion is.

First of all, the information we are going to describe in this note was taken from official guides of the series, although some of them are not particularly accurate and have some mistakes.

Also the official chronology of Dragon Ball, written by Akira Toriyama to Dragon Ball online, is one of our sources. Considering this, let’s analyze this particular character, present-Trunks. He was born in 766. If we agree that the series is being developed during some moment of the year 780 (778: Bills arrives to the Earth; 779 Golden Freezer arrival) Trunks should be 14-years-old. If we guess that the series is not developed during the year 780 and its actually developed in the year 781, Trunks would be 15-years-old. What we mean is that he surely should be around that age. But now, Trunks in the alternative line of future was born in the same year, 766. Then, during the year 780 he saw how the android killed Gohan and he turned into Super Saiyajin for the first time, at the age of 14.

Present Trunks

Present-Trunks was born in a peaceful world until Majin Buu's arrival.

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So he grew up safe and sound. And his body could be bigger than young-Trunks, because the first one fought against Majin Buu, Beerus and Tagoma. And all the training he received from his father, Vegeta. On the other hand, young Trunks from the alternative timeline just had a few fights against the androids when Gohan let him, after some years.