V-Jump magazine brought us some cool news about Trunks’ saga. This magazine revealed some interesting details before, so let’s analyze what it brings us in this opportunity. First of all, it was confirmed, something we expected from the latest expo: Black wears pothala earrings (or earring, because it’s just one). So we can dismiss that it was a Makaio Shin, Demigra or any other kind of earring. But there was also exposed the possibility that Black could be a fusion product.

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Japanese press and even analysis of some chapter previews gave some tips that might endorse that theory. For instance: in the previews Goku says to Bill: "Shall we go back to Universe 10? The KaioShin from Universe 10?" These phrases are questions but we can suppose they’re also affirmations.

This is also affirmed by V-Jump magazine scan: Black might be part of a fusion and his earrings are different from Zamasu. Two things compose the secret of  Zamasu: the fusion that created Black and the difference between each character’s earring. So now, the key question is: which warriors used the “fusion” to become Black Goku? In this case: why has Black Goku have just one earring? Why does he only looks like Goku and not like any other character?

The Fusion

It could be like this or maybe the fusioned-warriors are different versions of Goku from other timelines that do exist in the series (at least four if we consider the time-trips of future-Trunks); there’s a possibility to think that maybe Black can be a product of a future fusion. It means that Black can fusion with another character in the future.

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Who with? Black Vegeta maybe? It would be something trite after a Vegeta-copy showed up, but nothing is impossible in the Universe of Dragon Ball till ToeiAnimatiom and/or Toriyama say something different. Would you imagine a Black Vegetto from a fusion between Black Goku and Black Vegeta? For some reason Black knows Goku, Vegeta, and Bills. The question is, why?

Would you like a final chapter with Balck Vegetto against a genuine Vegetto? or Would you rather Zamasu, as a real villain, fight against Goku?