First of all, after watching episode 51, we can confirm something we were suspecting as an initial hypothesis. This could be briefed by the phrase “Zamazu is behind Black." There’s no way to know if Zamazu is controlling Black or if it’s Zamasu in another body. The truth is that this character responds to the Kaio Shin or Kaio Shin’s trainee from Universe 10. This conclusion has been taken for what we saw in episode 50, especially through Black’s dialogue, in which he referred to be “using” another body and that he had something in common with Goku. In this note, we are going to analyze all the details in the episode 51 that are related to this theory.

Also we are giving you new translations from different dialogue that might be related to Zamasu.

Universe 10

Firstly we have to say that in the preview of the episode, the subtitles were not correctly translated by the three most important servers. It has not been specified where Wiss, Beerus and Goku travelled, which also means that they’re on the trail of Zamasu (a supposed Kaio Shin Trainee). Now, which dialogue did confirm to us that Zamasu is using or following Black? Some dialogue wasn't correctly translated. At the beginning we saw Black talking about humanity with a source of contempt. In fact, he ended up with a half of the humanity, and before that it was told he had destroyed many planets. So now, after that, Black considered human beings as a god’s failure and demonstrated he was willing to do something humans weren’t: to exterminate all humanity to create a new, better world.

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The plan

With all of this, the conclusion would be that Zamusu is behind Black in some way (manipulating another’s body or becoming this kind of Black Goku). Why is he doing this? Maybe he’s just tired of the kindliness the other Kaios take to the earth (such as time travelling, time alterations, excessive use of the dragon balls, etc). So now, Zamasu is a Kaio’s trainee or an actual Kaio from universe 10. He cannot go away killing people, so he has to take care of it and maybe get a “masquerade." What could be a better use as a masquerade than the world savior’s body?