As you might know, the battle against Majin Buu, or rather, Kid Buu, has finished at the end of the year 774 of Dragon Ball's world.

Battle of Gods.

It was believed at first that Battle of Gods takes place in the year 778 followed by "Resurrection F" in 779. However, when Dragon Ball Super started, it was said that it would take place 6 months after Kid Buu's defeat, and this means at the beginning of the year 775. But there is something that leads us to believe that this theory is not accurate.

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Pan, in 784 (the year Goku meets Uub) is 4 years old, so this indicates that she was born at the end of 779 or at the beginning of 780, ruling out the theory that Dragon Ball Super starts in 775.

However, Goten and Trunks would be more grown-up in Dragon Ball Super, four years after Kid Buu’s defeat (according to the theory that Beerus’ arrival took place in the year 778). Nevertheless, it is more likely that this last assertion is correct and Pan might be 4 or 5 years old in 784. Dragon Ball Super timeline would look like this:

The Timeline:

1) 774: Kid Buu's defeat

2) 778: Beerus arrives on Earth

3) 779: Pan's birth

            -Vegeta trains with Whis (6 months after)       

            -Frieza's resurrection         

            -Golden Frieza arrives on Earth (4 months after)

4)780: Champa’s  tournament

5)780-784: Mirai Trunks’ saga : Goku Black, Zamasu, unknown events.

6)784: Martial Arts Tournament, Goku meets Uub

More information.

According to this timeline, Pan might be 4 or 5 years old in 784 and this makes more sense than the idea of Dragon Ball Super starting in 775 and Pan being much older.

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The latest official guides have not been very specific, since the last thing that is known is that Beerus arrived on Earth in 778, but this is based on the movie and not on the manga.

Maybe the release of the next Story Book could give us a better insight. Meanwhile, DBS has 5 years left to develop further before the year 784 when Goku meets Uub. Will the series continue after these events or will they finish that year?